Just a quick update about Summer procedures:

Enter the coupon code SUMMER when checking out and get a 25% discount  (valid for orders over 100.00 USD). Just the first 25 customers that place the order and pay for it will take advantage of this promo!

Shipping fees will cost 40 USD. It will include express and VERY secure shipping. You´ll love it. It´ll allow your order to be delivered in 3 days since it is being shipped. Give it a chance!

A lot of top brands had been added (by clicking in “By brands” in the left menu you will see them all. they all are coming with the verification code.

Western Union payment wont be available in August but we have added Bank Transfer as a valid payment method for this month. Now you can pay using your credit card, bitcoins or a bank transfer. Even easier and faster!

We wil continue creating some crazy promos during August. Don´t miss them!



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